News & Events

Reception Children become ‘Code Breakers’

15th October 2020

The children in our Reception class become code breakers looking for the secret word hidden within the pictures. The code…what is the initial sound of each word presented in picture form. Crack the code is a fun and practical way for children to apply their spelling and reading skills. This activity allows the children who…

Artist of the Month

15th October 2020

This month, we are celebrating the talents of one of our Year 6 Art Scholarship candidates; by sharing a sample of his work, as part of his Art portfolio for senior school applications. This pupil has attended the weekly SJP Art Scholarship Club, which is designed for pupils who show particular care and dedication in…

Hockey coaching at Bloxham School

15th October 2020

Did you know that part of our sports provision includes access to first class sports facilities and sports coaches at Bloxham School? Pupils in our Upper School have been fortunate to enjoy intensive hockey coaching recently, led by teachers at Bloxham School; practising drills and taking part in games to develop their dribbling skills. The…