Spreading love and joy this Valentine’s day

Posted: 14th February 2022

students holding up paper hearts

We have been marking Valentine’s Day by spreading love and happiness both within and outside their school community.

Following on from the success of our Christmas campaign with Banbury’s phone box library, teachers and pupils have turned Banbury’s phone box library in to a ‘hub of love’ by decorating it with love hearts and giving away home-made knitted hearts to those who visit Banbury’s phone box library on this special day.

In school, pupils have been reflecting on the theme ‘love’ in their weekly values assemblies; learning about the different words used by the ancient Greeks to describe different types of love; and finishing the idea ‘love is’ by writing on pink love hearts which were then shared with the whole school community.

Headmistress Mrs Tracey Wilson said: “Love is one of our school values and plays an important part in our pupil’s daily lives. Love is defined as a very strong feeling of affection or a great interest and pleasure in something. It can be expressed in many different ways. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to extend this feeling of love with our local community and give something back. We hope that our hearts spread a little bit of happiness and joy on this special day.

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