Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time for both young children and their parents but it can also be a daunting experience. At St John’s Priory, we pride ourselves in treating every child as an individual and will support them in this important transition.

We believe that school plays an essential role in children’s lives. Your child’s early experiences of school determine their academic, social and, probably, their occupational future. From the outset, your child’s interests and aptitudes are encouraged, nurtured and built upon and we instil in them a love of learning and offer a ‘bespoke’ approach to their education.

Children at St John’s Priory School enjoy a very happy start to their education. Happy children love to learn. Our dedicated teachers inspire and nurture the children, helping to ensure that they become well-rounded, well-mannered and confident young people. Children are taught outdoors and in cheerful, bright classrooms with excellent resources and also enjoy weekly Forest School sessions.

At St John’s Priory, our ‘Family First’ approach ensures not only that your child feels secure and happy within a holistic environment but also that our families are supported and guided in a generous and sensitive manner. Our flexible wrap around care at the start and the end of the school day offer great value, in an environment our children feel is a ‘home from home.’

We offer ‘settling in sessions’ and are flexible enough to meet the needs of each child as they join our Little Conkers Early Years department.  Every step of the way, from admission to senior school transition, we are on hand to support and to care about each of our children and their families.

For more information on how we can support your child with this transition, please contact our Marketing and Admissions Officer, Gemma Osborne who would be delighted to help you. Tel: 01295 259607 Email: