Learning Support

We believe that it is essential to recognise a child’s difficulties at this vital primary stage in their education, as once the correct support has been given, a child is more likely to learn strategies to help overcome these issues. Children can then go on to achieve their full academic potential.

St John’s Priory School has a ‘whole school’ approach to identifying children who require additional help with their learning; whereby any concerns about a child’s progress are carefully monitored by the class teachers and Head of Learning Support. 

Children who have particular difficulties are given additional classroom support and, when there is a clear need, one-to-one tuition. Each child who needs support is given an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). This specialist teaching is multi-sensory, cumulative, structured and tailored to the child’s specific area of need. Often individual tuition is given for a period of time until the child has learnt the appropriate strategies to overcome their learning difficulties. The school has access to specialist agencies when needed including educational psychologists and speech therapists.

Further support and information

If you are considering our school for your child and would like to discuss your child’s needs further, please email our Registrar, Mrs Gemma Osborne: admissions@stjohnspriory.co.uk