Leavers’ Destinations

Every year we are successful in placing pupils in their first choice senior schools, many of which are selective in nature.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise of the full range of senior schools and our deep understanding of each pupil’s academic and personal potential, enable us to guide you in making this crucial decision and help to place them in the right school.

Year 3 is the beginning of a critical time for children at St John’s Priory, as it is when the preparation for Senior School begins in earnest. Subject specialist teaching is extended beyond the arts and modern foreign languages into the core subjects; English, Mathematics and Science. Specialist teaching by teachers with many years of experience is an asset of the school enabling us to achieve academic excellence.

Our aim is to guide parents in making the right choice of Senior School for their child and help is given at every stage to ensure that the transition from our school is a smooth and exciting process. The Headmistress, Mrs Michelle Jenkin, plays a vital role working closely with each individual child and their family; providing the support they need for the next stage.

Children leave St. John’s Priory School as bright, articulate and capable children who are ready to face the next phase of their education with confidence and enthusiasm.

Senior schools which our boys and girls regularly move on to include: