Artist of the Month

Posted: 15th October 2020


This month, we are celebrating the talents of one of our Year 6 Art Scholarship candidates; by sharing a sample of his work, as part of his Art portfolio for senior school applications.

This pupil has attended the weekly SJP Art Scholarship Club, which is designed for pupils who show particular care and dedication in their Art and Design Technology lessons and who wish to work towards securing Art or DT scholarships in their senior schools.

He has a passion for both Art and DT and a lot of work has gone in to preparing the best portfolio he can by covering a wide range of influences, styles and mediums.

He has also worked on a wide range of projects including: painting and drawing, sculpture, collage and mixed media, studying a broad variety of influences such as the natural world, classic art, modern art and modern life; to produce the best portfolio possible.

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