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The Priory Pinnacle

At St John’s Priory, we share parents’ desire for their children to grow into well-mannered individuals who respect themselves and others. We also acknowledge that success in life does not rely solely on academics but also upon good character.

Character education fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about values. It teaches children the values of caring for each other, of honesty, respect, and other crucial traits that an upstanding citizen holds.

At St John’s Priory School it is our aim to encourage the pursuit of excellence in character and in academia. The school values are: happiness, love, patience, perseverance, courage, peace, honesty and respect.

This year has seen us launch our ‘School Values’ through a weekly values assembly, which begins a dialogue and discussion within our school community around one of the values, agreed by our community at the beginning of the academic year.

Following the success of this approach, we have launched our very own bespoke challenge program, the Priory Pinnacle – A new initiative for children from year 3 upwards to encourage and develop values and citizenship.

Like a Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Priory Pinnacle has been designed to offer our pupils additional opportunities to grow in character; in resilience, empathy and confidence. The program will be facilitated by our teaching team and is designed to enhance children’s skills in a variety of essential areas including: physical challenge, economic understanding, artistic endeavour, community contribution, the development of life-long learning behaviours and personal responsibility and safety. The program is flexible and progressive and will be delivered during school time; forming an essential element of our pupils’ education.

The Key Principles of the Priory Pinnacle are that it is:

  • Non-competitive: concerned with personal challenge and development rather than a contest against others.
  • Progressive: encouraging young people to become involved with new opportunities that allow for development of learning and the discovery of unknown potential.

Pupils will have the opportunity to begin working toward their bronze medal in Year 4, with the ambition of completing bronze, silver and gold awards by the time they complete their education with us in Year 6. For pupils in the lower prep school there will be opportunities to work towards a Pinnacle ‘pin’ with their class teachers in the summer term. All pupils will continue to benefit from our Values program and attend the weekly values assembly every Friday.

Click on the following link to read more about the Priory Pinnacle Programme.’

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