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Cotswold Wildlife Park Visit 11/5/17

Years 1, 2 & 3 Cotswold Wildlife Park visit 11/5/17


Year 1 had a talk on plants from Henry, one of the gardeners at the Wildlife park. It was great fun following Henry and his trolley around the walled garden. We stopped to look at a variety of different plants. Henry showed us some seeds. There were thousands of small poppy seeds in a container which we were allowed to handle. We then looked at a large seed, the cocoa de mare. It was amazing to think that the huge seed was only one seed from the tree. We also handled a coconut, which is another type of seed.

Henry talked to us about the importance of plants to the world and told us how a process called photosynthesis takes place in the leaves of plants when they are in sunlight.

We enjoyed the rest of our day, watching the penguins being fed, riding on the train and looking at lots of the other animal in the park.

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