Private Education for boys and girls 3 – 11 years
Banbury, Oxfordshire


Starting in the Prep School

As children move into Year 1 we build on their excellent Early Years experience. We continue to develop their own independence and encourage them to take some responsibility for their belongings. Within the class, we provide an enjoyable environment with happy children who develop a positive attitude to learning. Each child is valued and helped to achieve their full potential both socially and academically.

During the year, we gradually introduce a more formal style to some lessons, whilst still providing opportunities for practical activities in many subjects. Maths and English continue to be the focal point for our daily timetable. A wide variety of other subjects are covered during the week, enabling the children to receive a broad and balanced education.

In conjunction with PSHE and Circle Time (time for general discussion), we consider how each child needs to think about appropriate standards of behaviour and we work on their adherence to the classroom routine. Children are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas based on their own experiences, and where appropriate, bring in items of interest.

Learning is fun at St John’s Priory School!

Enquiring Minds

Children in the upper school are actively encouraged to develop enquiring minds that question and process ideas so that they may transfer their learning to other subjects or situations.

Small Classes

Children are in small classes thus ensuring they receive an individual programme of study, tailored specifically to their abilities and requirements. From an early stage in the Upper School children are taught by specialist teachers in the core aspects of the curriculum; English, Maths, Science and French as well as in Music, Drama and Art.

Independence and Responsibility

Children are encouraged to develop their independence and to take increasing responsibility, both individually and as a group, for their learning. The school’s educational aim is to identify where children are in their understanding, knowledge and skills, to help them progress as effectively as possible towards their fullest potential. Each child’s performance is reviewed regularly and their best efforts celebrated through progress reports and discussion with their class teacher.


The curriculum is planned largely, though not entirely, according to the entrance examinations and scholarship requirements for independent Senior Schools.


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