Private Education for boys and girls 3 – 11 years
Banbury, Oxfordshire

2019 Reception places available


2019 Reception Places Available


Our children really feel at home at SJP. I can say goodbye in the morning and relax, knowing that they will be happy and safe all day.

Current Parent - Parent's Survey

The ability to speak with teachers outside of formal parent meetings is fabulous. The open door policy at school is tremendously valuable and something that most schools do not offer.

Current Parent – Parent’s Survey

There is a great range of subjects which are all taught excellently. This is possibly because they are lucky to have so many specialist teachers and a proper timetable ensuring that no subject is missed.

Current Parent - Parents Survey

Mrs. Wilson is an inspirational head teacher who brings enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods to the post. She is always ready to listen to parents and to change things if they are not working, but she also provides stability and a clear direction for the school.

Current parent - Parent's Survey

The small class sizes allow very good differentiation of work and also excellent support for those children in year 5 who are sitting entrance exams for academic schools.

Current parent - Parent's Survey

It is a lovely school and has been a great move for both my children. The friendly, caring atmosphere has meant my children feel confident to try new things and the excellent teaching means that they have been encouraged to fulfil their potential, without feeling under pressure.

Current Parent – Parent’s Survey

We really enjoyed meeting Mrs Wilson and visiting the school. We personally felt Mrs Wilson had the perfect attitude as a headmistress and were really impressed with her approach and her inclusiveness.


I have a small “girly” girl and a bright, boisterous, “Alpha Male” boy at St John’s Priory and the school helps each reach their full potential.

Current parent

My son has joined the school in Year 4 and has been welcomed immediately into his class and the school in general.

Current parent

I love the wide curriculum and feel that the foreign languages particularly will arm my children with the skills they need to thrive in a modern world. This school has the facilities and the enthusiasm of the larger schools coupled with the freedom to do what is best for each child. The best of both worlds. Mrs Barnes, parent

A broad curriculum

We believe that school is the single most important place in children’s lives. Your child’s experience of school plays an essential role in their lives and determines their academic, social and, probably, their occupational future. From the outset, your child’s interests and aptitudes are encouraged, nurtured and built upon; instilling in them a love of learning and offering a ‘bespoke’ approach to their education.

Our ‘Family First’ approach ensures not only that your child feels secure and happy within our friendly environment but also that our families are supported and guided in a generous and sensitive manner. Our wrap around care at the start and the end of the school day offers great value; flexible childcare to suit your needs, in an environment our children feel is a ‘home from home.’ Every step of the way, from admission to senior school transition, we are on hand to support and to care about each of our children and their families.

Starting school can be daunting. With its new environment and new routines, the process can be worrying for your child and also for you. At St John’s Priory we offer ‘settling in sessions’ and are flexible enough to meet the needs of each child as they join our Early Years department. Our Nursery Come and Play sessions offer an insight into the quality of our provision and provide a valuable chance to discuss your child’s needs with our Early Years team.

If you would like to discuss your child’s education with us, our Admissions Officer, Gemma Osborne, will be happy to receive your call on: 01295 259607.

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